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Facebook group for those applying to Medicine for 2020 entry

A group to help applicants prepare for medical school interviews and succeed in getting an offer.
Published 13th Nov 2019

Have you applied to Medical School for 2020 entry?

We have created a Facebook group called “How To Get Into Medical School: 2020 entry” which you can join here. The group is designed to give applicants guidance and personalised advice to help with their preparation for medical school interviews this season (November 2019-March 2020). 


Advice from a Doctor

The group is run by Dr Steph Ekins (that’s me). I will be posting advice and guidance regularly to support your interview preparation. This will be a mixture of written posts, videos and links to articles on this website. I’ll be tackling things like:

  • Overall process for interview preparation
  • When to start interview preparation
  • How to approach certain types of questions
  • Keeping up with healthcare news
  • Understanding medical ethics
  • Specific advice for interviews at certain medical schools

If there is a particular topic you’d like me to cover, either post in the group about it and tag me in the post, or send me an email.


Post your questions in the group

Perhaps you want to know answers to some of these sorts of questions. This is your place to get answers – from other medical school applicants and I.

  • “Where on earth should I start with interview preparation?”
  • “How should I approach the classic questions like ‘Why Medicine?’ without sounding cliché?”
  • “I’ve got an MMI coming up, how can I prepare for the communication stations?”
  • “I’ve got an interview at xxxx Medical School in 2 weeks’ time, anyone else?”
  • “My interview is tomorrow and I’m really nervous. Any suggestions to help me with the nerves?”
  • “I can’t get my head around a certain topic in medical ethics and I’m worried that I wouldn’t be able to answer a question on this topic if it came up at interview. Can anyone help me to understand it?”


Answer each other’s questions if you feel you can help someone

Maybe you are also preparing for interviews and can offer an insight into a problem that someone else is struggling with. Or if you’re stuck with the same thing, let the original poster know so you can get some advice too.

I’m in the group regularly checking your questions. I won’t let a question go un-answered. 


Connect with other medical school applicants

This is a small but growing community of people who have applied to study Medicine starting in 2020. You’re all in the same boat. 

  • Write a post to introduce yourself to everyone else in the group. Tell us which medical schools you’ve applied to!
  • Connect with each other, particularly if you have applied to the same medical school. Who knows, you might be sitting next to them in your first lecture next September, or sharing with them in University halls accommodation
  • Buddy up with someone and hold each other accountable during your interview preparation. If you’re struggling with motivation, knowing that someone is going to message you once a week asking what you did that week to prepare for interviews might just be the push you need to actually do the preparation
  • Hold your own online mock interviews with each other over Skype (or any other video calling service). Each of you should prepare a few interview questions. Each person takes it in turns to be interviewed by the other(s).


Join the Facebook group

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can join the party here! See you on the inside.


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