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Choosing the right Universities, writing a stand-out personal statement, and giving a brilliant interview are necessary steps before you receive an offer (which will probably be the happiest moment of your life). It can feel like there are so many impossible tasks on the journey to a successful application that it’s difficult to know where to start. How should you spend your limited time to have the best chances of being given an offer? How can you write an impressive personal statement that will get you an invitation to interview? And then how can you prepare for that interview so that you can answer any question with confidence on the day?

I’d like to help you to meet that goal of getting a place at Medical School – but with less time, effort and stress! That’s why I created How To Get Into Medical School and offer a range of options to guide you throughout the process. This includes free articles and downloadable PDF guides to give you the basic information – as well as the option to upgrade to an online course for students who want all the resources, guidance, tips, advice and support you need to make a successful application to Medical School this year. You can also have your personal statement reviewed by a qualified doctor with detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement. Finally there is the opportunity to have a mock interview online (MMI or traditional panel style) with written feedback sent within 24 hours. Read more about what we offer here.

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